September 15, 2018

Theatre Sound Equipment Hire

We love working with professional venues, community venues, schools and amateur dramatics societies. We understand that discretion, simplicity and a crisp clear audio is the key. We can specify speakers from our audio hire stock to provide perfect coverage over every seat in your venue. We can provide anything from a digital mixing desk to radio mics and band reinforcement as required by the venue or production.

From our wide ranging stock of Martin Audio and L-Acoustics speakers, we can provide PA systems for theatres or venues on a short or long term hire.

Short Term Theatre PA Hires are ideal when you just need to boost the in-house system or need to put a specific system in place for a run of shows. We can also provide extra equipment to add to your own system. Ask us for a quote for radio mics, monitor speakers or a digital sound console.

Long Term Theatre PA Hires are aimed at theatres and venues who do not own their own sound equipment. Wessex Sound can provide a standalone or installed audio system at a significantly reduced rental cost. Why risk buying expensive equipment that may become outdated or redundant when you can hire from us.

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