June 15, 2018

Radio Microphone Hire

Wireless microphone systems are a complex subject and our experienced staff are ideally placed to advise customers on the best systems and configurations to suit their particular needs. So, whether you need a couple of roving mics for a conference, a multi-channel bodypack system for theatre or a point-to-point wireless audio link, we can help.

We stock a wide range of wireless and radio microphone equipment for hire including popular systems such as the Sennheiser Evolution G3 and Shure QLX-D. We offer a variety of systems from single handheld or lapel (lavalier) based radio mic systems through to complex, multi-way systems for theatre, conference and broadcast applications.

All of our radio mics are configured to operate on licensed frequencies. This means reduced risk of interference from other sources and users. We hold licenses for the Channel 38 band and these are passed on to the hirer for the duration of the hire.


Sennheiser EW165-G3 Handheld condenser Enquire Now
Sennheiser EW112-G3 Lapel / Lavelier (MKE-2) Enquire Now
Shure UHF-R with UR2 & Choice of Capsule – Beta 58, Beta 87 Enquire Now
Trantec S5.3 – Handheld with Condenser Capsule Enquire Now
Sennheiser SKM 5000 – ME5005 Capsule Enquire Now
Sennheiser SK 3063u Bodypack Enquire Now
Sennheiser EW-112 Bodypack Lapel/Lavelier – 4x Way Kit Enquire Now
Sennheiser XSW-1 Handheld / Bodypack Lapel/Lavelier Enquire Now


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