L-Acoustics SB118 Sub



The SB118 enclosure is a recommended subwoofer companion for the KUDO®, dV-DOSC, ARCS®, KIVA and XT systems, lowering the combined system operating range down to 32 Hz. The SB118 contains a single 18’’ LF transducer integrated into a dual bassreflex tuned enclosure. The specifically designed 18’’ transducer for the SB118 provides exceptional low thermal compression and reduced distortion even at the very highest operating levels. The dual bass-reflex design approach allows the SB118 to deliver both impact and high sensitivity factor. These combined properties contribute to the sonic qualities of the SB118 in terms of precision and musicality. Its compact size and associated tuning ratio combined with superior damping characteristics make it extremely well suited for coupled and multiple configurations. All these qualities combine to allow for ergonomic applications of acoustically optimized and non obtrusive FOH subwoofer systems.

The control and amplification of the SB118 is managed by either the LA4 or LA8 platform. The onboard DSP filtering encompasses advanced crossover functions, system EQ, and dual thermal and over-excursion protection of the transducer

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