L-Acoustics SB15M


40 Hz LF limit, high power handling, low distortion and thermal compression
Progressive vent for increased peak SPL, and minimal turbulence noise
LA4/LA8 control and protection
DSP presets for cardioid mode (symmetrical and asymmetrical)
Pole mount for XT series and KIVA (compatible flying rigging)s
Grey brown, pure white + architectural RAL program


The SB15m features one 15″ speaker in a dual bass-reflex tuned enclosure. It provides impact, sensitivity, low thermal compression and reduced distortion. One of the vents feature a progressive profile allowing laminar airflow and reduced turbulence noise, even at the highest operating levels. These combined properties contribute to the sonic qualities of the SB15m in terms of precision and musicality. The cabinet is made of first grade Baltic birch plywood to ensure maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity.

SB15m subwoofers can be flown or ground-stacked, as a standalone array or within a vertical SB15m/KIVA array. A pole-mount socket is integrated into the cabinet, for the mounting of one XT or two KIVA enclosures.

The SB15m is driven and amplified by either the LA4 or LA8 controller. These ensure linearisation, protection and optimisation for the loudspeaker system in it’s different operating modes, cardoid included.

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