Digico S21

  • DiGiCo S21 Features:

    • 24 mic/line inputs and 12 analog outputs
    • 2-channel AES I/O, word clock I/O, GPI/ GPO, DVI output, and 2 Ethernet ports
    • Dual DMI (DiGiCo Multichannel Interface) option card slots for expanding your I/O (modules sold separately)
    • 48 Flexi channels, 16 Flexi aux/sub-group buses, and L/R master bus
    • 4 dynamic EQs, 4 assignable DiGiTuBes, 4 assignable multiband compressors, 8 digital FX, 16 assignable graphic EQs
    • Up to 24-bit/96kHz digital audio for world-class sound
    • Dual touchscreens provide instantaneous feedback and control on 20 simultaneous channels
    • Take command with intuitive pinch, touch, and drag gestures
    • 21 faders and 20 rotary encoders provide you with a more hands-on feeling
    • Interactive meter supplies you with at-a-glance access to information
    • Helpful color coding identifies channels, auxes, and groups
    • Encoder rings’ HTL functionality reinforces visual feedback
    • Built-in 48-in/48-out USB audio interface
    • Wireless control via iPad and the S-Series app
    • Aerospace-graded aluminum extrusion and rugged polycarbonate overlay


DiGiCo’s world-renowned innovation, deep feature-set and flagship audio quality of our high-end digital consoles is within reach of everyone. How? Meet the S21 – a world-class DiGiCo mixing console at an astonishing price.

Step up to the S21’s worksurface, complete with dual P-CAP multi-touch screens, 48 flexi-channels, the equivalent of 46 buses and benchmark 96kHz performance, and this console’s heritage is clear – the S21 is every inch a DiGiCo desk. It’s also a revelation in terms of what an introductory digital console can deliver.

Based on the same pioneering design approach as the industry-leading SD series, the S21 boasts the same proprietary audio algorithms plus a new ARM QuadCore RISC processor which runs in harmony with the FPGA core. The result is faster processing with lower power consumption, all packaged in the workflow that the industry’s most respected engineers rely upon – now available to everyone.

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