DiGiCo Quantum 225

The DiGiCo Quantum 225 is a 72 channel mixing console with 25 physical faders and 1 x 17” LCD high resolution touchscreen.
72 Input Channels with full processing
36 Aux/Sub-Group busses with full processing
12 x 12 Matrix with full processing
24 Insertable Mustard processing strips
32 Nodal processing instances
True Solo function
41 TFT LCD displays
1 x 17” high-brightness, high-resolution touchscreen
Mounting bracket for customisation of the left worksurface
Assignable channel layout
User programmable macros
Capable of redundantly mirroring with another Quantum 225
Redundant PSUs as standard
2 DMI Slots to expand the I/O as desired
Integrated UB MADI
Offline software
iPad control

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