Digico D-Rack 32/16


  • DiGiCo D-Rack Features:

    • Digital stagebox for DiGiCo S- and SD-Series consoles
    • 32 mic inputs and 16 analog outputs
    • Run digital audio to and from the stage with a single Cat 5e cable
    • Up to 24-bit/96kHz digital audio for world-class sound


The DiGiCo D-Rack is the easiest way to get audio to and from your S- or SD-Series console. Place the D-Rack onstage, then run a single Cat 5e cable to your console — that’s it! Not only is this a breeze to set up, it also eliminates the problematic hum and noise that can plague analog systems. This stagebox supplies you with 32 microphone inputs and eight analog outputs. The D-Rack is a great way to add flexible I/O to your DiGiCo digital console.

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