April 2, 2019

NOVA Acoustic

Wessex Sound are the Official Southern UK dealer for the NOVA Acoustic range of loudspeakers and amplifiers.

CRAAFT AUDIO GmbH have over 30 years experience developing high performance audio products for the audio installation, cinema and audio rental markets. Their products are typically used by bands and musicians, AV hire companies, Churches, Night Clubs & Stadiums etc.

The brand NOVA© (NOVACOUSTIC©) stands for innovation, modern technologies and outstanding ratio of price and performance. The Nova production departments in Germany use high performance components, such as from BMS©, B&C©, BEYMA©, 18-SOUND©, FAITAL© as well as own components.

Wessex Sound stock a number of Nova Systems, our brilliant Elite Compact system is suitable for up to 1500 people and can be expanded up to 8000 people when multiple ELC26 elements are flown in an array of 16 boxes per side.

If you interested in more information or to discover the range of products available please contact us on 02380 170272 or email sales@wessexsound.co.uk.

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